Engineering Center IKAR


CONCEPT DESIGN - Concept creation.
Research&Development activity.

Cargo door concept for A380F (A380 Freighter)

  • The objective of the project was consideration and determination of the optimal design at the concept level of main deck cargo door area for the cargo version of the A380 aircraft
  • All possible technical solutions for each structural element were considered
  • Each design solution was investigated through detailed design development, strength calculation, consideration of production issues, operational maintenance and repair

Cargo barrier wall concept design for the upper deck of A380F (A380 Freighter)

  • A380 main deck barrier wall concept design project. In spite of A380F didn`t go into production, this concept turned into actual design for A330-200GMF. The concept of attachment points for the barrier wall the A350 Freighter was also developed

Remote-controlled fixed-wing UAV development project for a Russian customer

  • Development of several variants of aircraft aerodynamic scheme with detailed design of the internal layout and options for placing the target load
  • Stress validation of the created design

Research and development of the concept and the detailed design of a composite multi-sectional flap for A320

  • A320 Development of a new innovative multi-sectional flap in order to reduce the cost in serial production while maintaining stiffness characteristics and also maintaining / reducing the weight of the structure
  • A global analysis of strength, manufacturability and weight of several flap options was performed
  • Using of RTM technology as a main factor of cost reduction

FINAL DESIGN - Detail design of parts and assemblies. Design optimization. Drawing set release.

Aft fuselage sections integration for A350XWB

  • Longitudinal and orbital joints stress calculations in tail sections of fuselage
  • PAX and cargo floors to frames joints stress calculation
  • Cargo floor beams stress analysis
  • Design of various parts from composite materials (thermoset and thermoplastic matrix)

A330-200GMF (General Market Freighter) structure design projects

  • 85% of the work on the fuselage was carried out by IKAR
  • Works on the front, central and rear sections of the fuselage were performed
  • Design of the main cargo door surround, floor beams for the front and rear sections, as well as installation of systems in the center section, was performed
  • All stages of work from the preliminary design to certification
  • It was achieved a 1 tonn weight reduction

Bracket installation in the upper fuselage area, cargo compartment integration for A350XWB

  • Standard modifications, technical and economical assessment, preliminary design, modification integration
  • Bracket installation for the following: side and center fittings of hatracks; galley, toilet modules, cargo and cabin partition walls; ceiling (including center, side and door area ceilings), side panels; cargo compartment lining

Passenger doors integration for A350XWB-900

  • Development and improvement of door mechanisms, locks, interface brackets for passenger doors for A320, A380, A350 (patented device)
  • Aircraft doors reverse-engineering

Flying boat airframe redesign in order to cut production costs

  • Designing one-piece milled frames for Be-200 aircraft (Beriev flying boat)
  • Stress validation of the frames designed

Stress assessment of a testing vacuum chamber – international project ITER in nuclear industry

  • Structure static strength and fatigue calculations
  • Linear and non-linear buckling analysis
  • Temperature stability assessment with degrading material consideration
  • Dynamic stress (seismic loads)
  • Non-linear calculations (large displacements, non-linear materials, contact consideration) for static strength and tightness assessment (high degree vacuum)

Helicopter energy-absorbing armchair. Company's own product

  • The armchair is intended for installation on civil helicopters
  • Provides withstanding passenger overload during an emergency landing up to 30G
  • Energy-absorbing mechanism of our own design
  • 4-point tether system of our own design

Mobile airstair for business jets. Company's own product

  • The airstair is designed for a business jet aircraft with a passenger onboarding height of 2.9 m
  • Two versions are provided - carbon-composite and metal (aluminum)
  • A system for positioning the airstair in the folded state inside the cabin next to the front door has been developed

SERIAL PRODUCTION SUPPORT — design modification according to manufacturing needs. Design engineering and stress support for repairs of assembly defects and faults.

A320 and A330 serial production support

  • Full responsibility for supporting serial production of the A320 family (nose and central sections) and A330/A340 (nose and tail sections)
  • Main activities: preliminary study of new modifications, filling of initiating documents, release of definition dossier, drawing set, strength and certification reports, elimination of deviations in the digital mockup, approval and implementation of production comments, implementation of modifications according to service bulletins
  • Aircraft electrical and mechanical system installation
  • Aircraft main structure modification

Forward landing gear bay definition dossier and drawing set update due to production migration for A340-200 and -300

  • Structure elements redesign for assembly technology using coordinate-fixing holes
  • Structure elements redesign due to inch to metric cutters and measuring tools transition
  • Materials and blanks replacement 3D models by legacy aircrafts drawings creation and drawings digitalization

3D models by legacy aircrafts drawings creation and drawings digitalization

  • 28 projects were completed to digitize the fuselage structure, mechanical and electrical systems of A320/321/330/340 aircraft
  • More than 60 000- part models and 9 000 assembly units have been created
  • The A330 aircraft flap guides and spoiler have been digitized

Installation of mechanical and electrical systems of aircraft

  • Mechanical systems installation design development - hot air, air conditioning, water, oxygen, fire extinguishing
  • Design documentation development for electrical bundles and cable assemblies
  • Creating 3D mockup for electrical bundles and integrating it into the global aircraft model
  • Manufacturing documentation creation

IN-SERVICE AIRCRAFT SUPPORT - design engineering assistance for the in-service aircrafts in Russian airlines

Aircraft aftersales support

  • Aircraft modification on airlines request with releasing of service-bulletins related to main structure, mechanical and electrical systems including laying electrical bundles, installation or removal of galleys, luggage bins, cabinets
  • Stress validation for modifications
  • Re-layout of a passenger cabin, additional equipment installation
  • Self-approval of minor modifications and repairs as well as certification of major changes in Rosaviatsia

Stressed-deformed state calculation in the main landing gear bay for aircrafts A330 and A340

  • Thanks to a complex multi-level analysis of SSS, taking into account large displacements and contact, using a nonlinear finite element model of large dimension, the real picture of the operation of the passenger cabin rearrangement structure was recreated
  • Recommendations have been developed for making changes to the design to prevent the occurrence of cracks

Repair solution creation

  • Damage investigation and analysis
  • Necessary strength calculations carrying out
  • Development of engineering solutions for repairs with carrying out strength calculations of various levels
  • Preparation of engineering documentation for repairs of various levels and components

Modification of equipment, systems and structure

  • Electric pump was replaced with an ejector one, which led to modifications of system elements and structure of the aircraft. Documentation was prepared and necessary supporting calculations were carried out
  • 4 antennas on an aircraft of the A319 family have been moved. Documentation has been prepared and the next confirming calculations performed: buckling assessment of skin panels with holes, strength evaluation of skin panels with holes (elastic deformation), strength evaluation of verlap joint, which is part of the antenna module attachment, strength evaluation of the antenna adapter (depending on the deformation of the fuselage skin)
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